Author Topic: Have you ever had an involuntary swim?  (Read 3157 times)


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Have you ever had an involuntary swim?
« on: March 11, 2007, 05:51:53 PM »
   An impromptu dip I took was on the slipway at Sawley. We had launched there four or five days earlier and left the car and trailer on the car park whilst we explored the Erewash Canal.

   Arriving back at the slip I brought the car and trailer round to unload some of the stuff we had in the boat and put it into the car. I like to lighten the boat as much as possible to make it safer to tow. I say as much as possible but I suppose it is possible to take the outboard off, but I never do. Too much trouble I think. I used to take it off when I first started boating but for the last ten years or so I?ve just tilted it and evolved a method of  tying it so that it can?t jump out of the tilt slots and drop down. This has worked well and I?ve towed many hundreds of miles without trouble.

   Anyhow back to Sawley slip. I had made several trips back and forth twixt boat and car and was  just getting on the boat stern to remove the petrol tank when it happened. If you know the CaraCruisers you?ll know they have little black knobs on the ends of the top rail. Well the one I was holding came off in my hand and I took a header over the stern. I hit my head on the tilted outboard prop on my way down but despite this I kept hold of my little black knob.

   Mrs. G was inside the boat and hearing the splash came rushing to my aid. She grabbed a huge handful of my hair-I had a lot then, honest-and lifted me bodily almost clear of the water. I managed to scramble aboard with Mrs Gs enthusiastic help and was grateful for the change of clothes she gave me. She was quick to remind me that I had just been complaining that she always pack far too many clothes when we went boating.

   It was at this slipway on another occasion that I got the opportunity to have a drive at one of those aluminium trail able boats. I had just recovered our boat and was getting ready for the drive home when this chap hove into view with a Sea Otter. I was watching him moor in the slipway when he said, ?Is that you boat??. Pointing to the CaraCruiser.
   ?Yes it is. Why?? I asked.
   ?Well if you like trail boats perhaps you?d like a go at that.? He said. Nodding towards the Sea Otter. ?I?m here demonstrating them.?
      I spent a pleasurable half hour putting it through its paces and he explained how canal water was taken on board as ballast when the boat was launched and pumped out again when it was recovered. I really enjoyed the experience but I didn?t bother to buy one.
               The above is not the first time I've been swimming fully dressed.
Is it just me or do other boaters fall in accasionally?

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